Xkcd Map Projections

Xkcd Map Projections

How the Mercator projection distorts the relative size of Greenland realize that you can’t just take a 3d sphere and turn it in to a 2d map without any artifacts: ©Google, xkcd.com/977 Google Going back to old-school maps for a second, it’s a lesser-known fact that there’s no way to create a truly accurate 2D depiction of the Earth. (Google even points to this fun xkcd comic to show us The webcomic XKCD skewers this type amusingly, with maps showing the density of three unrelated things Even the way a map is shown can be important. The infamous Mercator projection being a

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online maps include the popular Grey Line map that shows sunlight and darkness slowly moving across a Mercator projection of the world. A brand-new azimuthal-equidistant representation from XKCD How often does a map change the world? In 1854, one produced by Doctor John Snow, altered it forever But how would those deaths look for a data journalist today? As XKCD have pointed out, heatmaps You can’t have true angles and true areas. You have to make a choice and a preference. As XKCD pointed out, map projections tell a lot about someone. One of the most popular map projections is

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Xkcd Map Projections – Health spending growth in the United States is projected to average 5.8 percent for 2014–24, reflecting the Affordable Care Act’s coverage expansions, faster economic growth, and population aging. Because, [Gavin] over at tinkerings.org (a Hackaday favorite) has created the files to do just that! This map projection, originally designed by the very interesting Buckminster Fuller, is designed to Here’s the animation more or less as released by the Dawn team — I aligned it and tweaked the levels a little bit: As he did last week, Björn Jónsson took a subset of the frames from the animation,

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