Texas Tornado Map

Texas Tornado Map

Severe “monster storms” are expected to hit parts of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Missouri on Tuesday. The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) warned the thunderstorms were “capable of damaging wind gusts” It’s well-known that Texas is part of Tornado Alley, but are some counties more vulnerable used data from the Census Bureau and the National Weather Service to create a map of which U.S. counties But would it surprise you that, compared to many places in squally Texas, the District of Columbia and suburbs like Fairfax and Prince George’s counties are equally as exposed to tornado damage

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The latest threat follows a weekend of storms that spawned numerous tornadoes from Texas to Nebraska. Late Monday afternoon, CBS affiliate KWTV reported that a tornado touched down according to a In the southwestern corner of the state near the Texas border, a tornado appeared to strike some homes near Mangum, a town of 3,000 more than 150 miles from Oklahoma City. National Weather Service After days of deadly weather in the Plains and Midwest, meteorologists have warned that severe thunderstorms and flash flooding are expected to continue today. The National Weather Service (NWS) says

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Texas Tornado Map – Officials said a tornado touched down near Copperas Cove in Central Texas on Sunday and damaged nearly 200 homes in the area. No injuries were reported. The confirmed tornado touched down at 5:28 p.m. For the latest updates and storm warnings, check Newsweek’s article: Illinois, Missouri, Texas Severe Tornado, Thunderstorms, Flash Flooding Maps Update: Major Disturbances Spread Across Midwest The Based solely on square miles, Texas is much farther down the list. In fact, per square mile, the top spots go to Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas. The map below shows the tornado

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