Strava Heat Maps

Strava Heat Maps

With billions of routes logged and trillions of GPS points, Strava owns the largest library of outdoor activities in the world. Here’s how it can help you. Two months ago, my truck broke down and was When viewing the Strava heatmap of Baltimore, the most-run routes of the city meld to form the outline of a letter “L” that glows like neon. It begins in the north and runs straight down the city’s The Pentagon has now made it official. Eight months after a researcher discovered that the “heatmap” feature of the Strava fitness tracking community was revealing the location of US military

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Patrol routes along the DMZ in South Korea. Tunnels leading to a bunker in Libya. Running paths used by Russian diplomats in Damascus. These are just some of the discoveries made in January, when it In 2015, investigative journalist Simon Ostrovsky from Vice News coined a term that should be used more: selfie soldiers. The journalist in question confirmed Russian military activity in Ukraine even A military base in Helmand Province, Afghanistan with route taken by joggers highlighted by Strava. Photograph: Strava Heatmap Sensitive information about the location and staffing of military bases

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Strava Heat Maps – Several experts observed that the Strava heatmap seemed best at revealing the presence of mostly Western military and civilian operations in developing countries. Many locations of military and Strava’s global heat maps have been around for awhile but got a big update in November 2017 boasting “1 billion activities” and “3 trillion latitude/longitude points” mined from “10 terabytes of raw Using Google Maps or a similar smartphone app “will just take you the shortest path between points A and B,” said senior product manager Graham Keggi, adding that this mobile tool uses Strava’s heat

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