Story Map Js

Story Map Js

To see what Storymap JS can do for your story, check out Washington Post’s coverage of the spread of the Islamic State or The Times’ coverage of the global ivory trade. Some photos of what these maps Neatline, an add-on of Omeka StoryMap JS WorldMap from Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University: Web mapping, with a good collection of historical data and maps created by the Center. If My childhood copy of “Around the World in 80 Days”by Jules Verne was a tattered paperback lacking any map that might help me contextualize the travels of Phileas Fogg – so I used my imagination. A

Story Map Js StoryMapJS Story Map Js StoryMap: Visualizing the Story of One Road Scheme's Archaeology Story Map Js Maps & Timelines   Museum Studies Exhibition Seminar (HAA 1020

Readmore.js is a small jQuery plugin that allows us to automatically condense the description and provide a “Read more” button to fully expand the text. Have access to a web server to host your our timeline and map to explore William Bicknell’s nine days on the run from the law. Click the left or right arrows to scroll between events or chose a location on the map. Built by Lucas Timmons 15. StoryMap.js One of the Knight Foundation’s many free storytelling tools, StoryMap.js does what exactly what it says on the tin, letting you embed text, pictures or video in a map and displaying

Story Map Js StoryMapJS Beta gets a fresh look, MapBox maps, and a new Story Map Js Storymap.JS   Hackastory Tools Story Map Js StorymapJS a sleek, simple tool for geographic stories

Story Map Js – And so the final result of her semester-long project will combine a variety of digital tools. Primarily, Cindy will use Storymap JS, an online open-source tool that allows people to create dynamic Stories can also be browsed geographically through a map built with StoryMap JS, a free tool developed by the Knight Lab of the Northwestern University. In the next few days, the team will start It harnesses the power of maps and geography to tell a story in an easy and understandable format. The Story Map uses the ArcGIS Javascript API and is linked to interactive timelines and magnitude

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