Risk Map 6

Risk Map 6

Property owners may click here, or go to www.riskmap6.com/Community.aspx?cid=119&sid=2, for specific information on their new property’s proposed new flood classification. After a 90-day appeals and Lowe Realtors, Inc. Now, one of Lowe’s most visited and recommended websites is www.riskmap6.com, FEMA’s newest online base elevation map source for this region, searchable down to individual For more information: bit.ly/2wNKJI9. To view the maps: maps.riskmap6.com/TX/Hays/ The city of Buda has set the maximum property tax rate and will host public hearings at 6 p.m. Aug. 29 and Sept. 5 at

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Newly-released preliminary flood maps for Aransas and San Patricio counties in Texas will help residents and and online at visit msc.fema.gov/portal, maps.riskmap6.com or www.txchart View the Preliminary Flood Hazard Data at maps.riskmap6.com/ and click on the “Find Your Preliminary Maps” button. To use the live chat service, visit go.usa.gov/r6C. Click on the “Live Property owners now can quickly determine if their rates have changed by going to maps.riskmap6.com/LA/Orleans/. After clicking on “I Agree” in the disclaimer window, move to the left side of

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Risk Map 6 – To see changes since the last FIRM visit maps.riskmap6.com/TX/Llano/ *To use the live chat service, visit go.usa.gov/r6C. Click on the “Live Chat” icon. *To contact a FEMA Map Specialist, call Property owners are encouraged to view the maps at maps.RiskMAP6.com to see the specific areas being remapped and how they may be affected. Hays County will hold a community collection event from 8 Additional information, including links to interactive maps, is available at the websites www.riskmap6.com and go.usa.gov/gzU5.

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