Marauders Map Dress

Marauders Map Dress

A creative and talented Harry Potter fan managed her mischief in the best way possible by creating a stunning Marauder’s Map dress. While the dress was made for last year’s LeakyCon, redditor You can channel your internal Hermione Granger with a “Marauder’s Map” dress, or show off your house pride with a cardigan (I always wanted to be a Gryffindor, but know deep down I’m really a And yesterday, we squealed when Primark dropped pendant necklaces inspired by Marauders Map and potion bottles. But now, it’s not enough to dress like our favourite wizard because now we can smell

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A dress inspired by NeverEnding Story“s Falkor graced the runway at The Her Universe The audience award went to a dress inspired by the Marauder”s Map from Harry Potter. The judges panel honored a The neighbourhood organized the event, encouraging fans to dress up as characters. People could pick up a “Marauders’ Map” along with a copy of the book, then head to restaurants in the area for The Marauder’s Map is covered in tiny script in an invented alphabet (alas, the words doesn’t move), Bathilda Bagshot’s “A History of Magic” looks as if it’s been abused by a generation of Hogwarts

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Marauders Map Dress – For the last two years, the Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con Fury Road Imperator Furiosa dress and audience winner Camille Falciola who designed a Harry Potter Marauder’s Map dress Naturally, they picked Harry’s birthday, July 31, for their big day and their invitations were in the style of the Marauders Map. On the day itself they “The bridesmaids were sorted into houses A Harry Potter themed bar opened in Toronto last Saturday I am loving the feminine twist on the Marauder’s Map in this dress, and the model has the right idea with her edgy footwear. You’re not

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