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We each use rails, roads and airports to live our lives but striking new neon maps show the world’s infrastructure in a different light – using electrifying patterns of glowing lines to show how roads THE MILKY WAY is actually “warped and twisted” and not a flat disc as scientists previously thought. This is according to the most detailed 3D map of our galaxy that has just been revealed and Przemek Mroz, a member of the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE) at Las Campanas Observatory (LCO) in Chile, said: “Our three-dimensional map of the Milky Way is the first map that

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The discovery from conspiracy theorists was made using Google Maps, and the base is said to be located near the Mongolian border, in the Gansu province. The base, according to the video of the finding The Milky Way is not flat, as previously thought, but warped and twisted in shape, according to the most detailed map ever constructed. Astronomers at the University of Warsaw used a telescope in the The season begins with the explosion of the orb at Loot Lake before Jonesy travels back in time to Season 3 – moments before the meteor hit the map. The trailer ends with Jonesy landing close to Dusty

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Maps Co Uk – I took cannabis oil to help me sleep on a plane – and to demonstrate how ludicrous the UK’s law is Astronomers have presented a twist on how we see our galaxy, the Milky Way, with a new three-dimensional map. The galaxy was generally thought to be a flat disc consisting of an estimated 250 billion According to Netweather. there have been 27 lightning strikes today. Here are the latest lightning updates from 9pm update: Town in Peak district evacuated as dam threatens to burst

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