Mallard Migration Map

Mallard Migration Map

Recently, DU launched the latest version of the most comprehensive migration map on the Web today. It’s online now at “The new waterfowl migration map is the perfect Researchers have used satellite tracking technology to monitor Mallard duck migration from Canada to the American Midwest and back again. Their findings show that 2011-2012 migrations extensively used As someone who’s already blanked out twice on “here today gone tomorrow” early-season teal, I’m thinking I probably could have used the new and improved Ducks Unlimited waterfowl migration map. From a

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These hunters, along with thousands more across the country, are taking advantage of the Ducks Unlimited Migration Map, an online resource that lets hunters post up-to-date information on waterfowl Bill shape correlates with waterfowl diet composition 24 and stopover site coordinates during a tracked individual’s spring migration. Where stopover site locations were presented using maps Ducks Unlimited’s Waterfowl Migration Map is a sea of blue, testament to the annual late-summer flight of a 1-pound duck that is so endearing to the hearts of South Louisiana hunters. Unlike last year

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Mallard Migration Map – The spring migration of waterfowl to and through our state started about a month Even immature birds on their first trip back north carry some sort of genetically programmed “maps” passed down by MEMPHIS, Tennessee – Ducks Unlimited’s Waterfowl Migration Map provides in-depth information waterfowl hunters can use to improve their success this season. Hunters across the continent are posting Waterfowl migration headquarters — DU’s new waterfowl migration map with current and forecasted weather conditions, reports from DU field editors and improved mapping utilities. Mobile apps — New

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