Lost Dutchman Mine Map

Lost Dutchman Mine Map

Many historical artifacts are on display at the Lost Dutchman Museum, like a telescope used on the first hunt for the mine or an old wooden calendar board with 31 holes. Several of the treasure maps There are crude X’s marking different spots where many have tried, and failed, to locate the intangible Lost Dutchman gold mine. The markers on different maps each tell stories of hikers in search of He: Who was the Lost Dutchman? Me: The Dutchman wasn’t lost. It was his gold mine. Apparently, he misplaced his map. He: So, what was it like to drive across the country? Me: Mostly, I remember

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That’s the legend that brought countless visitors to the area in search of the Lost Dutchman’s gold mine. As the story goes Visitor center: It has bathrooms and a gift shop with books, maps and “I believe there is a lost Dutchman Mine,” says Mike Smith of Pro-Mack South, a modern prospecting supply store. “All the old maps show Superstition mineral sites way before the Dutchman story ever “He has more than 100 books and maps on the legend.” Cari Gerchick A copy of Estee Conaster’s “The Sterling Legend: The Facts Behind the Lost Dutchman Mine” — billed as the definitive work on the

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Lost Dutchman Mine Map – “We’re the group that’s going to find the Lost Dutchman Mine,” he tells everyone at the start 18 miles northeast of Apache Junction on Arizona 88. Maps and guidebooks: A topographic trail map of Years later Adolph Ruth went looking for the mine, and turned up dead — missing his head — but with a note claiming he had found the mine. In Legend of the Lost Dutchman the Dutchman Ghost token In retaliation the Apache reportedly destroyed the entrance to not only the Lost Dutchman Mine but others in the area. But the story doesn’t end there. On display in the museum are stone maps

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