Europe Temperature Map

Europe Temperature Map

The map below shows the spread of temperatures across Europe as the heatwave reached its peak on Thursday, 25 July. The source of the unusual heat was North Africa, scientists say, drawn up to Europe The UK’s national weather service confirmed that temperatures reached 38.7 degrees Celsius (101.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in Cambridge on July 25. Met Office warns of travel hazards as heavy showers hit UK [VIDEO] BBC Weather: UK engulfed by thunder wall as Europe braces for floods [MAP] UK weather: Met Office issues warning of thunderstorms

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helping that month to be the hottest June since records began Map showing new temperature records in western Europe, set on July 24-25. Read more: Europe’s June heat wave was so intense that a weather map of France looked like a screaming heat skull of death A map tweeted by Wx Charts, which provides global weather forecast charts Many more places across Europe also recorded the highest temperatures ever for those locations spotted a star moving so fast it will enter intergalactic space Best ever map of Milky Way shows our

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Europe Temperature Map – But in the meantime, an essential part of the movement against climate apocalypse is the fight against their dream – and the reality – of a fortress Europe, because that fortress is an integral part BBC Weather presenter Matt Taylor forecast: “Across Europe the summer sun continues to shine on much DON’T MISS UK Weather: Long-range chart turns red [CHART] Shock map shows threatening 50mph Feeling the CopernicusEU Sentinel3 compares today’s land surface temperature in parts of Europe and North Africa, with 26 June 2019 at the height of this year’s first #heatwave. The map was generated

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